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Dongguan Liangxiang Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in Qiaotou Town of Dongguan City in 2009. It is a diversified enterprise specializing in the production of aluminium alloy die castings, CNC processing, die-casting dies and metal spraying. It has three independent accounting companies, including Dongguan Liangxiang Industrial Co., Ltd., Dongguan Liangxiang Hardware Mould Co., Ltd. and Boluo Liangxiang Hardware Products Factory. Dongguan Liangxiang Industrial Co., Ltd. focuses on the production, processing and R&D of precision aluminium alloy die castings. It provides professional die-casting and post-processing services for many world-renowned enterprises. The products are widely used in digital communications, household appliances, precision electronics, energy-saving lighting, mechanical components, automotive accessories and other fields. It also provides OEM and ODM services for customers. Aiming at customers'requirements......View details
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